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Filter separator

Forain filter separators are designed for those applications where high efficiency removal of solid and liquid particles is required. The use of these separators is the best solution to remove very fine mists, aerosols and slugs from gas flow.

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Natural gas system

What is shown in this video is a preparatory phase to the FAT before the completion of the Natural Gas System that will be installed in the Cogeneration Plant CCPP EL-TO Zagreb, located in Zagreb (Croatia).

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Degassing separator

The Degassing separator is designed to separate and measure accurately gas and wild crude (oil/water mixture) rates produced from the well. The fluid enters the separator into separator through two inlet nozzles and it hits an inlet device (reversed pipe type).

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Bahrain project

Recently Forain has designed two different vessels for one of its customers in Bahrain: a cyclone separator and an absolute separator. Let’s briefly see how the absolute separator device, shown in this video, works.

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