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Bahrain project

Recently Forain has designed two different vessels for one of its customers in Bahrain: a cyclone separator and an absolute separator. Let’s briefly see how the absolute separator device, shown in this video, works.

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Indirect water bath heater

Indirect water bath heaters are used for the heating of a process fluid.
They are used to increase the fluid temperature according to the process requirement.
Typical and most common applications are either in the RMS (reducing and metering station) or in the fuel gas treatment plant for fuel gas supply to power plant.

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Forain project in Rustavi, Georgia

Rustavi PRMS has been achieved in 2019 in order to provide the natural gas requirement for one of the most important industrial city, Rustavi in Georgia.
Rustavi PRMS is feeding 3 main Industirial Area and Rustavi City with a flow rate of 65.000 scm/h.

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3D Design

During these last ten years Forain has decided to develop the general and detailed engineering of its own products by exploiting 3D solid design instruments.
3D modelling enables you to enjoy the total vision of the project by keeping the connections with each component …

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Forain, in this emergency situation, reacted immediately to allow the continuity of its work by ensuring the protection of the health of its collaborators and in full compliance with the provisions issued by the Government for the containment of the contagion by Covid-19.

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Spare parts – filter elements

The Forain filter elements are designed using a specific combination of media planned for whatever application in which the element is to be utilized.
This custom design guarantees the compatibility as well as, the efficiency of each Forain element.

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Vane type separators

Vane separators are used to remove the liquids particles present in a gas flow. They are used for the removal of liquids particles that could damage the users downstream of the separation system.

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Shell and tube heat exchanger

A heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat between two or more fluids.
There are different categories of Tubular heat exchangers; one of the most common is the shell and tube exchanger. A Shell and Tube Exchanger consists of a number of tubes mounted inside a cylindrical shell.

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