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Shell and tube heat exchanger

A heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat between two or more fluids.
There are different categories of Tubular heat exchangers; one of the most common is the shell and tube exchanger. A Shell and Tube Exchanger consists of a number of tubes mounted inside a cylindrical shell.

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Pig launcher and receiver

Typical application for launching and receiving traps is in natural gas or oil pipeline.
Pipeline pigging is essential to ensure safe and continuous operation of a pipeline system.
Pipeline pigging is performed in order to guarantee a longer pipeline lifetime and improved product capacity; this means also lower maintenance costs.

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Quick Opening Closure (QOC)

Quick Opening Closure (QOC) What is it and what is its purpose?Quick Opening Closure (QOC) consists of a hub, a cover and a locking system complete with suitable sealing gasket.Typical applications of the QOC are:- installation on the access opening...

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Commissioning What is it and what is its purpose?In the oil and gas sector commissioning is a crucial aspect, which makes it extremely important to ensure it's completed before operations begin because it will negate project risks and assist in the...

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Turnkey plants

Turnkey plants What are they and what is their purpose? PRMS (that is to say, pressure reducing and metering stations) are the turnkey plants that Forain can supply. Generally these stations are used for the treatment of gas coming from a main...

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Dry gas filters

Dry gas filters What are they and what’s their purpose? Dry gas filters, or even cartridge filters, are filters that are used to remove the solid particles present in a gas flow.They are used for the removal of solid particles that could damage the...

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Multitube separators

Multitube separators Multitube separators are ideal for use if you want to remove liquid or gas particles from a stream of gas as part of an industrial process. Rotation and gravity are used in order to remove particles of 10 microns or...

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A new subsidiary in Turkey

A new subsidiary in Turkey In order to be as competitive as possible in the market, and better serve the needs of customers, Forain had to source a highly qualified workforce that was available at the most competitive price. The company...

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