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During these last ten years Forain has decided to develop the general and detailed engineering of its own products by exploiting 3D solid design instruments.

3D modelling enables you to enjoy the total vision of the project by keeping the connections with each component and by enabling each operator to interact with these components, while assuring a constant updating of the geometries in the overall model.
This allows a higher precision degree during the design; moreover it is useful to satisfy all the customer’s exigencies. At the same time it eliminates all the problems generated by the two-dimensional development of details and it improves the project management.

3D-design-gas-sectorDesign is generated in the three-dimensional area while enabling the machine to develop all the views useful for the drawing up of the two-dimensional manufacturing tables.

By doing so, all human errors as well as physiologic inaccuracies of classic 2D techniques are automatically filtered, so as to enable the operator to concentrate on the most important aspects of design and to guarantee higher quality results.

During the process of project carrying out, Forain follows a consolidated work plan able to guarantee the customer’s full satisfaction; moreover Forain takes care of the graphic aspects so as to offer an efficacious and intuitive final product.


  • agile and quick design;
  • swift modification also during design;
  • automatic processing of two-dimensional details;
  • easy management of the model in team-work;
  • project development in 3D, more natural for the operator.

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