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In order to be as competitive as possible in the market, and better serve the needs of customers, Forain had to source a highly qualified workforce that was available at the most competitive price. The company has found this opportunity In Turkey.


turkey subsidiaryThe benefits of Turkey as a base for the Forain subsidiary

One of the biggest benefits of Turkey as a base for the Forain subsidiary is that there is access to a young, highly motivated and skilled workforce.
They have the qualifications required to complete the necessary work to a high standard.
This means that Forain can satisfy the demand for its high quality products.

A further benefit of having a base in Turkey is that Forain can reach customers in areas where it currently does not have a presence.
These areas include Oman, Qatar, Kazakhistan, Ukraine and Georgia.

The new geographical location provides Forain with the valuable link to the former states of the Soviet Union and Arab countries that it has been looking for. This development enables the company to deliver products in as yet unexplored areas, quickly and efficiently.

The future for the new subsidiary

In the coming months and years, the purpose of the new subsidiary in Turkey is expected to expand.
Forain expects the expert workforce to be able to develop new products, as well as supply ones that are already in existence. These experts understand the market and are in the best position to do this work.

With this in mind, next year Forain intends to open its production site in the area. This will allow time and money to be optimised, providing a better service for customers and increased profits for the company.

It’s an exciting time for Forain and its new subsidiary in Turkey represents a whole new chapter for the company.

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