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Cyclone and absolute separators

Recently Forain has designed two different vessels for one of its customers in Bahrain: a cyclone separator and an absolute separator.
Let’s briefly see how the absolute separator device, shown in this video, works.

The FORAIN absolute separator type SA (or coalescer) is a two-stage equipment which  guarantees a high efficiency in removing the liquid  and solid particles present in the gas stream.
The most remarkable use is for the separation of liquids; in this case at the first stage a vane type separator is foreseen for a first removal, and at the second  stage a set of coalescent  filter  elements.

In  case also solids are present, the vane mist extractor is replaced by a cyclone tube bundle in order to avoid that the most part of dusts reaches the filter elements, so shortening their life.
When the gas  enters the vessel, it goes towards the  first stage, placed in the low part of the same.

The liquid particles (and the solid ones) are then separated and collected in the lower part of the vessel, while the high efficiency final separation takes place in the second stage consisting of coalescent filter elements; after that, the clean gas goes out of the vessel.

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