Cap Des Biches combined cycle power station project (300 MW)

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This Forain gas treatment package is designed, for the treatment of the natural gas coming from the main pipeline of the gas net, in order to supply the required flow rate of gas to the end user at the required process condition (pressure, temperature, flowrate and cleaning condition).

Natural gas is supplied from the natural gas line net, depending on the required flowrate. The source gas for the auxiliary boiler is natural gas. The Project is located in Senegal.

Supply Description

Design, Purchasing , Manufacturing, Assembling at workshop, Testing, packing and shipping of Natural Gas treatment Skid Package. This package realised from the Forain Turkey Subsidiary, it is composed by the following sections:

  • Inlet section with 10” 300 ESD actuated valve
  • Filtering section (scrubber + filter)
  • Metering section (ultrasonic flow meter + flowcomputer + gas chromatograph + water dew point analyzer)
  • Regulating section (slum shut valve + active and monitor pressure regulators)
  • Heating section (boiler and heat exchanger)
  • Condensate tank (tank + pump and piping)

In addition two auxiliary electric heater (600 kW) complete with SCR control panel, have been supplied as loose item to be installed by end user in another area of the plant. With the above equipment, the fuel gas is processed in order to deliver it to the gas turbine according to the GT requirements. Each section have been supplied on skid and pre-assembled and tested in our workshop in Tureky.

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