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What is it and what is its purpose?

In the oil and gas sector commissioning is a crucial aspect, which makes it extremely important to ensure it’s completed before operations begin because it will negate project risks and assist in the achievement of performance goals.

Once the equipment have been delivered to site and have been completely installed, Commissioning activities shall be carried out.

On customer’s request, Forain can carry out the commissioning activities with its technical staff on entire products, on a single equipment, i.e. separators or heater, on a skid package or on a complete plant

During commissioning, all necessary activities are carried out in order to have the equipment ready for start-up and operation.

The typical activities which are carried out during the commissioning are:

-visual and dimensional check of the assembled equipment / plant to verify the correct erection and assembly;
-check of utility availability (electric power, process fluid, instrument air, raw water etc)
-mechanical check
-loop check of electrical wiring
-instruments calibration and functionality
-control panel check : operating parameter, configuration and verification of automatic control sequence functionality
-customer interface verification (DCS, SCADA etc etc)
-burner flame calibration and tuning and emission measurement
-operating data record
-final commissioning test report preparation

Accessory Instrumentation

Forain Technicians can be equipped with all necessary tools and instrumentation, according to the site condition and according to customer’s request

Market presence

Forain has carried out commissioning worldwide in more than 40 years of activity.

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