Degassing separator & wild crude pump package

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Forain supplied to it customer SICIM S.p.a. a skid mounted two phases horizontal separator named “Degassing separator” mainly composed of what follows:

  • no.1 (one) Degassing separator,
  • no.1 (one) upstream HIPPS valve,
  • no.1 (one) downstream HIPPS valve,
  • no.1 (one) oil meter line,
  • no.1 (one) gas meter line,
  • no.1 (one) booster pump (supplied by Sicim),
  • no.1 (one) main pump (supplied by Sicim),
  • no.1 (one) hydraulic power unit (HPU)

Each Package has been engineered for a full skid mounted execution (standalone) philosophy.
The system can be controlled and monitored by ICSS (Integrated Communication Control System) at client care.
The HIPPS system is monitored by a dedicated HIPPS logic solver.

The Degassing separator is designed to separate and measure accurately gas and wild crude (oil/water mixture) rates produced from the well.

The fluid enters the separator into separator through two inlet nozzles and it hits an inlet device (reversed pipe type). This sudden change in momentum generates the initial gross separation of liquid and vapour and ensures the distribution of the gas and liquid(s) phases entering the vessel separation compartment, in order to optimize the separation efficiency.

The gas flows horizontally and outs through an outlet nozzle on the top of vessel to an automatic pressure control valve that maintains constant vessel pressure.
The produced oil/water mixture is stored in the bottom of the vessel.
The outlet line of each phase is complete with a meter and ultrasonic type on gas stream and Coriolis type on wild crude stream. This allows us to provide for our customers the accurate information concerning the well performance.

To comply the safety requirement to protect the Degassing Vessel from the Shut-in Tubing Pressure of the Wells and from reverse flow from the Well Pad, an upstream and downstream HIPPS (High-integrity pressure protection system) have been provided.

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