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What are they and what’s their purpose?

Dry gas filters, or even cartridge filters, are filters that are used to remove the solid particles present in a gas flow.
They are used for the removal of solid particles that could damage the users downstream of the filtration system.


They can be built in various materials: the casing is generally made of carbon steel or stainless steel or other types of alloys, depending on the type of fluid they must contain.
As for the filtering elements, the cartridges, they generally consist of a core made of perforated sheets or stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel, while a fiber glass is used for the filter element.

Accessory Instrumentation

The minimum indispensable instrumentation is a differential pressure measuring instrument which can be a simple differential pressure indicator or switch or a pressure transmitter depending on what the system requirement is.
In addition, there may be some inlet and outlet valves for the interception of the filter itself for maintenance or drainage connections for cleaning.


The dry gas filters have a fairly high efficiency: in fact, it is possible to reach an efficiency of separation of solid particles having dimensions up to three microns with a percentage of 99.95 percent.

Market presence

The typical application is in natural gas reduction and measurement stations.
Forain in more than 40 years of life has produced hundreds of them that have been installed in almost all countries of the world.

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