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We are pleased to share the interview that our Sales Manager Fabrizio Vitali released to the illustrious European Business , below some extracts of the interview:

…. ‘Whether the need is for a simple pressure vessel or a complete plant, Forain Srl in Italy has the engineering expertise to tackle projects of any size.
With more than 40 years of experience in providing engineering services for the oil and gas sector, the company has outgrown its Italian roots and operates today as an international player in a global market.

Forain was founded in 1975 by brothers Giuseppe and Roberto Ferrari.
Both had gained experience working for companies in the engineering sector and felt they could both fill a niche and satisfy their desire for independence.
Today, together with Ferrari second generation since 2010, the company that they still head has annual sales of around 17 million EUR and generates 95% of its turnover in export markets.

fabrizio-vitali-forains-sales-managerIt may sound like a cliché, but the company really operates like a big family,” says Sales Manager Fabrizio Vitali, who joined Forain in 2006.
“I started out with Forain as a project manager and was offered this post in 2010.

What I like about it is the autonomy I have.
Many of my colleagues have been here a long time as well and we work very well together, and with the company owners.

We are entrusted with the responsibility for our own work but also the independence to take decisions.

That really makes working here fun and rewarding.”


2008 marked a watershed year for the company as it was taken the decision to offer turnkey plants.
“We could see that the market was changing,” says Mr. Vitali.
“It was important that we moved with it.
Another important step was taken in 2012 with the decision to open a subsidiary in Singapore.
“We wanted to increase our competitiveness in the Asian market and needed local presence,” explains Mr. Vitali.
This year, we opened another subsidiary in Turkey to serve the Middle Eastern market.”

Forain specializes in engineering services for the oil and gas sector in the areas of filtration and separation, heating, gas conditioning and pipelines.
Its activities span the globe as its expertise finds it in demand from the leading companies in the industry. ‘ …

You could see the entire interview at this link: European Business article

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