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The aim of an efficient filter separator is to remove liquid and solid particles from a gas stream while enabling high gas capacities.

Once the gas enters the filtration system it goes through a variety of different stages in order to ensure that liquids and solids are removed as effectively as possible.

Use of filter separators

There are several different industries where the efficient removal of liquids and solids from the gas flow is imperative, including:
– Gas plants.
– Transmission stations.
– Petrochemical plants.
– Industries that make use of gas gathering systems.
– Industries that make use of turbine fuel gas.

Separators used in these industries have to be high quality and reliable.


The benefits of Forain filter separators

Forain is a respected provider of high quality filter separators. Purchasing one of these products means that you have access to separators which provide:
100% removal of solid particles which have a size of three microns or larger.
99% removal of liquid particles which have a size of one to five microns with efficiency levels rising to as much as 100% for sizes of eight microns and higher.

These efficiency levels are of the standard that is required for use in industries where gas capacities and purities are vital for the continuing success of a business as well as high production and safety levels.

Investment in Forain filter separators makes sense for companies within industries where the separation of liquid and solids from gas is an essential factor in the production process.

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