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Forain has been assigned by his client to supply horizontal vane separators for a natural gas treatment and LPG Recovery Plant. The project is located in Iraq with the name of Nasiriya and Garraf Flare Gas Treatment.

The engineering of the complete station has been defined by our customer. The detailed engineering to ensure the correct separation of liquid from natural gas has been entrusted to Forain, who can ensure the correct sizing and performance of the horizontal vane separators with its own and long experience of over 45 years in the field sector.

Vane separators are used to remove the liquids particles present in a gas flow. They are used for the removal of liquids particles that could damage the users downstream of the separation system. In the SLO type the inlet and outlet are on the top of the vessel.

SLO type is used when big quantities of liquid (that is to say slugs) are expected. Vane separators can also be supplied with a demister installed on the inlet surface of the vane pack, in order to agglomerate the small particles and to increase the liquids separation.
Vane separators are built in various materials; the casing is generally made either of carbon steel or stainless steel or other types of alloys, depending on the type of fluid they must contain.

As for the vane pack, this consists of plates (in stainless steel 304 or 316) assembled in a box welded to the internal wall of the vessel. The vane pack is supplied in stainless steel to guarantee that during the lifetime of the vessel it is not necessary to carry out either particular or extraordinary maintenance: this makes it easy to the customer to carry out his activities at site by almost “setting at zero” the maintenance costs for these components. Vane separator can be supplied with inlet and outlet valves, drain and vent valves, pressure safety valves, level instrumentation, automatic drain valves, pressure and temperature gauges.

The operation logic of the accessories can be defined by Forain or by customer according to process and responsibilities. Vane separators have an efficiency of separation of liquids particles having dimensions up to 8 (eight) microns with a percentage of 99.95%.

The typical application is in natural gas reduction and measurement stations, in geothermal plant for steam separation, in compression stations. Forain has produced a lot of them which have been installed in almost all the countries of the world.

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