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Multitube separators are ideal for use if you want to remove liquid or gas particles from a stream of gas as part of an industrial process.
Rotation and gravity are used in order to remove particles of 10 microns or more, and leave a clear flow of gas.
All of this happens with a low pressure drop of around 1%, so multitube separators are an efficient method of removing liquid and solid particles in any industry.

Which industries use multitube separators?

Multitube separators

The biggest users of multitube separators are the oil and petrochemical industry.

Various types of separators can also be found in environments such as sawmills and professional kitchens.

The type of separator used varies depending on the environment and the needs of the business.

Multitube separators can be found being used on well-heads, on the inlet of a gas compression station, in a wide variety of industries.

The structure of a multitube separator

The cyclone tube bundle lies at the centre of a multitube separator. The number of tubes that are present is dependent on the operating environment.
These tubes are manufactured from stainless steel or carbon steel, so they have high levels of strength and durability, making the performance of the machine reliable over long periods of time.

These separators are available to install in horizontal or vertical format. The format chosen depends of the needs of the user and the environment in which the machine is to be placed.
Any company that needs to use multitube separators as part of their processes should speak to suppliers about their requirements, to make sure that they get a multitube separator which is the best fit for their needs.

No matter which type of multitube separator is used, these machines provide an effective and efficient means to remove liquid and solid particles from a gas stream.

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