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What are they and what is their purpose?

Typical application for launching and receiving traps is in natural gas or oil pipeline.
Pipeline pigging is essential to ensure safe and continuous operation of a pipeline system.

Pipeline pigging is performed in order to guarantee a longer pipeline lifetime and improved product capacity; this means also lower maintenance costs.

Pig launcher and receiver traps are used for the cleaning and inspection of a pipeline.
The pigging of pipeline for cleaning is performed with cleaning pig generally made of polyurethane.

The pigging of pipeline for inspection purpose is performed with intelligent pig.
Traps are sized and designed according to customer’s requirement and in order to fit the type and models of the pigs which will be used (cleaning and intelligent pigs).


Each pipeline has its proper characteristics; design and construction are developed according to its operational purpose and lifecycle stage during operation.

Traps can be manufactured with various materials depending on the type of fluid and operating  conditions (pressure, temperature).
Mechanical design shall be done according to international standard code like ASME B31.4 , ASME B31.8, ASME B31.3, ASME VIII Div. 1or 2.


Accessory Instrumentation

Traps shall be supplied complete with accessory according to customer’s requirement.

Typical accessories are:
– Quick Opening Closure with optional key interlock systems
– skid base
– process valves
– instrumentation
– pig signaller (intrusive or not intrusive type)
– internal baskets
– pig trolley for pig handling
– jib crane for pig lifting and handling


Market presence

In more than 40 years of life Forain has produced hundreds of traps which have been installed in almost all over the world, in onshore and offshore plants.

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