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Forain has manufactured 5 pig traps with the following sizes:

  • N° 2 Pig launcher trap DN 40”x44” 600# RF;
  • N° 1 Pig receiver trap DN 40”x44” 600# RF;
  • N° 1 Pig launcher trap DN 24”x28” 600# RF;
  • N° 1 Pig receiver trap DN 24”x28” 600# RF;

these pig traps will be installed in Nigeria in the below mentioned stations:

  • KANO

Forain can manufacturer a complete range of pipeline equipment as:

  • Pig launching trap
  • Pig receiver trap
  • Bidirectional pig trap

Forain pig traps are used to launch and receive sphere and pigs through the pipeline to perform different functions such as cleaning, monitoring and maintaining of the pipe and are available for pipelines up to 80” diameter and pressure up to 2500 rating. Forain pig traps consists of a barrel to contain one or more sphere or pigs, a containing pipe to the pipeline and a reducer.

These devices could be installed in horizontal or vertical position and it could be supplied with fingers in order to control the separate spheres release. This equipment are suitably sized to guarantee the proper operation if an intelligent pig need to be used.

All traps can be supplied with manual or automatically equipment to handle large diameter pigs and spheres to make loading and unloading easier. A most important part of the pig traps is the quick opening closure (QOC).

All of our QOC are equipped with a warning safety device to prevent the opening under pressure, while a gasket guarantee his perfect seal.

All pig traps are manufactured in different materials and in accordance with main international codes of construction, to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

The pig launcher releases the pig from one end of the pipeline (launcher station) and the receiver retrieves it at the other end (receiver station). Pipeline pigging is a potentially hazardous procedure that must be carried out by competent professionals.

Pigging are used for cleaning, dewatering, and sealing of gas pipelines. If necessary according to the customer specification, we can also supply the following accessories:

  • Pig handling system;
  • Internal or external basket;
  • Jib crane.

Another important part of the pig traps is the pig signaller. Forain pig signaller is a bidirectional device which detect the pig passage and can be supplied with visual indication locally and with remote electric signal.

The Forain pig traps no need a special maintenance. For more info please contact us or follow our web site.


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