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Let’s take a look behind the scene, here is an excerpt of the video of our project developed in Saros-Edirne, Turkey. You should know that Turkey is not self-sufficient in terms of Natural Gas Production and about 50 Billion m3 Natural Gas comes from import, accordingly it’s not a particularly Natural Gas rich country.

Therefore, natural gas supply diversity is critical for the country and Saros FSRU will make major contribution to Natural Gas Supply Requirement and Diversity of Turkey and Marmara Region owns major Natural Gas Consumption. We are proud to let you know that Forain has been rewarded by the local authorities for this specific project.

Project Description

In order to transfer natural taken from floating systems (FSRUs) to the national natural gas network (BOTAS, Turkey), once the project for determining the appropriate jetty location in Saros Bay and designing the jetty and auxiliary facilities is completed, it will make a significant contribution to the security of supply of our country, particularly Marmara Region which owns a major part of national natural gas consumption.

Scope of works  – Saros FSRU Fiscal Metering & Gas Analyzing System

Mechanical works:

  • Desing, Manufacturing (piping at factory), Assembling, Testing (hydrotesting, NDT testing at factory and N2 testing at site)  and Comissioning  of Fiscal Metering &Analyzing System with including these sections:
  • Inlet Header;        36” Class 600
  • Outlet Header; 36” Class 600
  • Master Metering ; 5 x 20” Class 600 Dual Chamber Type Orifice Metering Lines     2 x 6” Class 600 Dual Chamber Type Orifice Metering Lines
  • Instrument House; Redundant Instrumentation
  • Redundant Exproof HVAC SystemFire Fighting & Dedection Syste
  • Check Metering; 1 x 30” Class 600 Ultrasonic Meter (High Pressure Calibrated)
  • Check Metering Line; 30” Class 600

Analyzer House:

  • Prefabricated Special Design Container
  • 2 Units Gas Chromatograph
  • O2 Analyzer
  • H2S Analyzer
  • Redundant Exproof HVAC System
  • Fire Fighting & Dedection System
  • Sample Handling System

Electric and automation works:

  • Compansation panel, AC panel and AC distribution, Lighting and lightning, Charger and DC distribution, Battery group, Inverter, Cables, Cabletrays inside building and outside above ground, earthing, etc.,
  • PLC panel equipment, Local scada system, Modbus server, RTU, FC Panel, Printers, Modbus converters, Remote access tools, Media converters, Cables, Field instruments and Flow computers etc.,


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