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Three phase separators are a vital tool in helping to maintain safety, productivity levels and quality of product, in the oil and gas industry. They help to prevent costly shut down of processes by reducing the need for maintenance and repair. This is a valuable advantage to any company that wants to maximise profits.

3 phase separatorsHow do three phase separators work?

In order to fully understand why three phase separators are so important, it’s important to know how they are designed, and for what purpose. Each separator has three parts, each of which carries out one phase of the process.

Primary phase

The aim of the primary phase of the separation process is to remove fluids from entrained gas. This happens in the first part of the separator.

Secondary phase

This involves the separation of liquids according to their gravitational weight; light liquids such as oil are separated from heavy ones such as water. This happens in the second part of the three phase separator.

Coalescing phase

It’s at this point that droplets are removed from the gas, in the third part of the separator.

Why use a three phase separator?

Any company that works within the oil and gas sector wants to maximise profits while maintaining an excellent safety record. Using a three phase separator helps to make this happen by removing guesswork from the operation and allowing production wells and frac throwback processes to be checked.

These separators are easy to transport so they can be used out in the field with ease. This helps to maintain a company’s profits and its excellent record for safety. Both of these are vital factors in the survival and growth of any company.

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