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What are they and what is their purpose?

PRMS (that is to say, pressure reducing and metering stations) are the turnkey plants that Forain can supply.

Generally these stations are used for the treatment of gas coming from a main pipeline of gas net, in order to supply the required flow rate of gas to the end user at the required process conditions (pressure, temperature, flowrate and cleaning conditions).

These typical stations consist of a separating / filtering stage, a heating stage (if required), a reduction stage, a metering stage, a final filtering stage (if required), drain collection tank and cold stack (if required).

Forain can take care of the complete engineering (process, civil, mechanical, electrical, control and automation) according to Customer requirement.

For each stage mentioned above, Forain makes a study in order to offer the most suitable type of equipment which also complies with applicable specifications and international standard codes.

Separating & filtering stage can be sized by choosing the most suitable type of vessel of Forain products. Heating stage (if required by the process condition) can be done by lndirect Water Bath Heater, or electrical heater, or boiler and heat exchanger.

Pressure reduction stage can be composed of pressure regulators or pressure control valves.

Metering stage can be composed of any type of flow meter (according to customer requirement) and can be completed with Gas Chromatograph, Dew point Analyzer (if required) and Flow computer.

Final Filtering stage (if required) can be done by choosing the most suitable type of separator of Forain products.

Drain collection tank and cold stack are sized according to process condition.


Forain can take care of construction starting from the preparation of the area where the station will be installed.

Preparation of boundary wall, foundation for equipment and construction of control room (if required) follow the starting stage.

Manufacturing of equipment and piping can be done in the workshop, fully tested and assembled on skid (if requested) and then delivered to site for erection and complete installation.

lnterconnecting piping can be also manufactured at site (if necessary).

After installation completion, Forain can manage the commissioning and start up activities.

Accessory Instrumentation

As concerns accessory instrumentation, PRMS plant  is  supplied complete with all valves, instrumentation and control panel for the safe and reliable performance of the station.

Market presence

Forain has supplied complete stations Worldwide.


Forain started the supply of complete stations many years ago. It has been supplying complete gas treatment systems since 1975 (that is to say, more than 40 years ago) to Customers who take care of the civil construction of plants and of the installation at site.

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