Two stage horizontal gas filter separators – Forain type FSO

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For the NEA MESSIMVRIA compressor station upgrade situated in Greece, Forain has produced one high efficiency and high pressure separator filters (600 RF).

Forain filter separators are designed for those applications where high efficiency removal of solids and liquid particles is required. The use of these separators is the best solution to remove very fine mists, aerosols and slugs from the gas flow.  Lubricating oil from process gas, entrainments in natural gas lines upstream compressor stations and reducing and metering stations can be considered as additional application for this kind of product.

Horizontal filter separators is equipped with quick opening closure (QOC) to reduce maintenance time to a minimum. The principal of our filter separator is to remove the larger particles at the inlet of the gas into the filter separator. Forain horizontal filter separator (FSO) is composed by two stage:

  • First stage, consisting of disposable filter elements, their purpose is to remove the smallest solid particles and to coalesce the mists.
  • Second stage, consisting in vane unit, able to separate the liquid particles present in the gas.

The collected particles are properly drained through a dedicated drain system. The FORAIN filter separator has been sized taking into consideration the pressure drop with clean filter cartridges in the presence of a certain flow of gas.

The Forain filter separator type does not require particular maintenance. For the first stage the maintenance shall be done only when it is necessary to replace the filter elements. The vane unit is self-cleaning.

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