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Using indirect heaters in a water bath

In oil and gas sector sometimes you have to heat gases to reduce the pressure and avoid hydrate forming or condensations in the gas streaming , in that case water bath indirect heater are used.


How does using indirect heaters in a water bath work?

When this type of system is used to heat gases, in the oil and gas industry, the gas flows along a coil. The coil is suspended in a water solution. The water solution is then heated by using a combustion chamber.

As you can see, this is an effective indirect means of heating gas.
There is also a safety system in place at all times which recognises if there are any problems with the system, and regulates the temperature of the gas at all times.

This means that temperatures remain at the correct level for optimum performance and safety.

Easy to install systems

Indirect heaters in a water bath are often supplied as a package, with all of the items required for the system to be operated effectively. This means that installation of the system is simple, in both safe and classified areas.

Once the system is installed, it’s important for the company operating it to ensure that it’s maintained on a regular basis. This ongoing maintenance helps to prevent the need for extensive repairs of the system.

Providers like Forain have technical experts on hand to carry out the required maintenance. These experts can also fit any replacement parts that are required, and complete any necessary repairs.

Having access to ongoing repairs and maintenance, as well as the machinery itself, helps companies to maintain the safety and efficiency of their processes, thereby maintaining productivity levels.

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