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Absolute separators are the most suitable choice when a high efficiency is required in case of separation of small liquid and solid particles, mists and sub-micron particles present in gas streams.

Performance takes place through multiple stages, typically consisting of coalescing filter elements combined with vane unit or with cyclone tube bundle. The selection of the internal made in compliance with the operating  conditions and the efficiency required.

The typical efficiency is

  • Removal of liquid particles higher than 0.3 microns 99,5% 99,5%
  • Removal on larger solid particles, equal to 0.3 microns 99,98% 99,98%

Typical efficiency is:

  • 99,5% removal of liquid particles larger than 0,3 microns;
  • 99,98% removal of solid particles equal or larger than 0.3 microns.

Pressure drop varies in compliance with the design of internals and filtering media selection (typically 0,2 bar).
For this type of separator the application fields may be the same of the filter separators where the higher efficiency is requested.

Forain absolute separators are generally supplied for vertical or horizontal installation and can be equipped with quick opening closure to reduce cleaning and maintenance time to a minimum.

Speak to us about the efficiency levels required by your company.

How do coalescers or absolute filters work?

Typically, these machines are used in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Oil Refining industries to remove liquid and solid particles from natural gas.
They help to protect the quality of the gas itself as well as protecting equipment used in the industry’s processes including compressors, gas turbines, metering stations and heat exchangers.

With this in mind, it’s important to understand how coalescers or absolute filters work in order to choose the best machines for your requirements.
The separating system uses a series of coalescing filter elements and baffles combined with a vane unit or cyclone tube bundle.

The exact design of the interior depends on the operating conditions in which the coalescer is needed and the level of efficiency it has to have.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Forain absolute separators are designed to be simple to clean and maintain.
They are easy to open and close so a minimum of precious operating time is lost. The machines are available in both horizontal and vertical form.
Contact us about the ideal coalescers or absolute separators for your company.

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