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Among the different applications of Forain vane unit, particular attention is reserved for the marine environment. On ships and on off-shore platforms, marine sprays, salt humidity entrainments and heavy rains can create problems in the engine rooms, in the areas of work and in the passenger areas.

These situations can be solved using our units designed and tailor-made for this specific context.

the typical efficiency is:

  • Removal of the upper liquid particles, equal to 2 microns 99,8% 99,8%

The typical separation efficiency is 99,8% of the liquid particles, having dimension higher or equal to 2 microns. The efficiency can be improved according to the type of vane unit used.

The pressure drop may vary depending on the installed vane unit (typically a few millimetres of water column).

Each unit is manufactured of a set of vertical vanes enclosed in a frame, whose shapes and dimensions can be adapted according to the technical and aesthetic requirements demanded by the customer.

This type of vane unit can be made of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, superalloys and aluminum alloys.

Forain vane units have a special place in the marine environment where they can be useful in a variety of different situations. These units are specifically designed with marine applications in mind and are therefore able to attain a high level of efficiency.

Forain vane units can be used on off-shore platforms and ships to resolve issues in work areas and in areas where passengers are present.

They can be utilised to help with situations such as:
– Dealing with marine sprays.
– Dealing with salt humidity entrainments.
– Dealing with problems caused by heavy rain in engine rooms.

Speak to us about using Forain vane units that are designed for use in these, and many other, marine based situations.

Efficiency levels can be higher depending on which type of vane unit is used. Different types of vane unit also produce different levels of pressure drop. The typical drop is a few millimetres of water column.

The structure of Forain vane units

Depending on the requirements of the customer, Forain vane units can be constructed from different materials such as stainless steel, superalloys and aluminum alloys. The basic set-up of the vane units is the same.

A set of vertical vanes is enclosed in a frame. The shapes and dimensions of the vanes are adapted to the various technical and aesthetic requirements of the customer.
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