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Multitube separators are engineered to give high efficiency removal of liquid and solid particles from a gas stream.

All the entrained liquid and solid particles equal or larger than 10 microns are removed with a low pressure drop.

The typical efficiency is:

  • Removing entrainments above 8 microns 98% 98%

Cyclone tube bundle is the heart of this vessel: it consists of a number of cyclone tubes in accordance with the operating conditions manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel.

Multitube separator can be supplied either for vertical or horizontal installation. This kind of separators can be used both on well-head, on the inlet of a gas compression station, in distribution system and in many other industrial process.

Maintenance for this type of separator is only required for draining of the collected material.
For higher efficiency please refer to filter separators section.

If you are looking for an efficient method of removing liquid and solid particles from the gas in your processes, Forain multitube separators are a high quality choice. The removal of these particles is essential, in order to retain the quality of the gas and protect the mechanisms involved in the process.

The team of professionals at Forain recognises this fact, which is why we produce expertly manufactured multitube separators that provide a high level of efficiency.

Typically, the level of efficiency you can expect when using Forain multitube separators is:
– 98% in removing particles above 8 microns.
– Standard pressure drop is 0,3 bar in clean condition.

Contact us about the particle removal efficiency requirements for your company.

The benefits of Forain multitube separators

The cyclone tube bundle is at the heart of the separator machine. The bundle of cyclone tubes can be manufactured from one of several different materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel. The type of metal which is chosen, and the vertical or horizontal format of the design, is chosen depending on the operational requirements of the customer.

There are various areas where this type of separator can be utilised effectively including:
– On the well-head.
– On the inlet of a gas compression station.
– In a distribution process.

Forain multitube separators are highly effective for use in these and many other industrial processes. They are also easy to maintain. The only attention required is for the draining of any material which is collected. This ease of use helps to maintain the efficient running of processes within your company.

If you feel that you require a different level of efficiency from a separator solution speak to us or take a look at the filter separator section.

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