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Filter separators are designed to give a very high efficiency removal of liquid and solid particles from a gas stream.

Performance takes place through multiple stages, typically consisting of filter elements combined with vane unit or with cyclone tube bundle. The selection of the internal made in compliance with the operating conditions and the efficiency required.

The typical efficiency is

  • Removal of solid particles equal or larger than 3 microns 100% 100%
  • Removal of liquid particles from 1 to 5 microns 99% 99%

Typical efficiency is:

  • 100% removal of solid particles equal or larger than 3 microns;
  • 99% removal of liquid particles from 1 to 5 microns.

As concerns liquid, typical efficiency is 100% removal for 8 microns and larger particles. Efficiency can be improved according to the filtering media selection.

Pressure drop may vary in compliance with the costumer request up to a maximum of 1,5 bar in presence of clogged filter elements.

In addition to the common applications of our separators, the use of this type of filters is recommended in the elimination of: lubricating oils, solid entrainments and mists at distribution, reduction and metering stations.

Our filter separators can be vertical as well as horizontal and can be equipped with quick opening closure to reduce cleaning and maintenance time to a minimum.
For higher efficiency please refer to absolute separators section.

Speak to us about high efficiency separator filters to use in your company.

How do separator filters work?

When choosing the most reliable separator filters to invest in, it helps to understand how they work.

Generally, separator filters are located upstream and downstream of compressors, glycol dehydration units and fuel gas applications, in various systems. There are several different operating conditions that can exist in separator filters which are designed to handle a range of gas capacities.

The choice of operating condition is based on the requirements of your business.
The team at Forain is here to help with any questions that you may have.
Typically, the operations of a separator filter involve the use of filter elements combined with a vane unit or cyclone tube bundle.

There are many different applications for these filters including:
Elimination of lubricating oils.
Removal of debris from natural gas streams.
Elimination of mists at distribution, reduction and metering stations.

We can advise you about the right choice of product to use for your systems.

Vertical and horizontal design

Forain filter separators are available in horizontal and vertical format. They are also designed with the ability to open and close easily and quickly. This makes cleaning and maintenance a simple process and saves on valuable time for your business.

If you require higher levels of efficiency for your processes, take a look at the absolute separators section.

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