Three phase separators

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The three phase separators can be horizontal or vertical and is used on a well in order to separate water, oil, and gas from an inflow fluid.
This division facilitate continuous production with no need to interrupt ongoing work to perform repairs or maintenance tasks on wells.


Basic Design Principles

  • A primary separation section – The primary separation section is situated at the inlet to the vessel and is designed to separate the fluids from any entrained gas.
  • Secondary separation – The secondary separation section is designed to facilitate the separation of the liquid constituents into light and heavy phases according to their specific gravity. Typically oil comprises the light phase and water the heavy phase.
  • Coalescing section – The coalescing section includes a vapour coalescer or mist extractor to remove liquid droplets from the gas. A wire mesh eliminator is often used for this purpose.

Benefits of 3-Phase Separators

A 3-phase separator is a wise decision for all the companies that maintains field production facilities in the petroleum industry.
Without a high-performance separator, your team will be left to guesswork to determine the volume and composition of outflowing resources, which can lead to errant decisions that may compromise your bottom line.

A 3-phase separators can be used in environments with high levels of hydrogen sulphide.
These oil & gas separators are also environmentally friendly and help reduce potentially devastating and costly accidents while increasing the lifespan of supplementary extraction and testing equipment.

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