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Vane type separators are designed to give a high efficiency removal of liquid particles from a gas stream.

All the entrained liquid particles equal or larger than 8 microns are removed with a low pressure drop.

Vane unit is the heart of this vessel. It can be realized in different materials, such as in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum in accordance with the customer specifications.

The typical efficiency is:

  • Removing entrainments above 8 microns 100% 100%

Thanks to the wide versatility line and vary-line separators, having vertical or horizontal separators can be supplied to suit customer’s needs.


As a result of the continuous flow of liquids the vane unit is self-cleaning, it does not require particular maintenance, with a consequent cost control by the end user.

The efficiency and functionality of the vane unit are even guaranteed in the presence of small quantities of solid entrainments, which are held inside the separated liquid particles.

For higher efficiency, refer to the filter separators section.

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The benefits of Forain vane type separators

The vane unit is contained at the heart of the separator machine and can be manufactured from one of several different materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The choice of material, and whether the separator is of horizontal or vertical design, depends on the requirements of the customer.

All vane type separators supplied by Forain require limited maintenance. The continuous internal flow means that they are self cleaning. This reduces the amount of effort required to keep the separator working as it should, and the amount of downtime, which should be virtually zero.

Use of vane type separators

There are many different situations where the use of vane type separators is recommended including:
As a replacement for mesh type separators.
During the transmission or processing of natural gas.
– For the removal of condensate and oil during steam service.
– In petrochemical companies to assist with pollution control.

Forain vane type separators are reliable and efficient for use in all of these situations.
If you require a different standard of efficiency for your processes take a look at the filter separators section.

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