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Among the many alternatives proposed by Forain, in order to eliminate liquid particles from a gas flow, we propose separators with demister / wire-mesh.

This type of separator consists of a bundle of steel wire and is used when a low pressure drop is required.

The liquid entrainments, agglomerated in droplets inside the wire-mesh, fall by gravity in the opposite direction of the flow. The agglomerated droplets are collected in the lower part of the tank.

However, this option requires low gas velocity to avoid a reflux of the liquid towards the outlet. This involves the use of large tanks and regular maintenance.

Using wire mesh separators from Forain can be a good option, if you need to remove particles from the gas flow in your processes, with a low pressure drop. These separators make use of a bunch of steel wire to trap particles that are being carried by the gas flow.

It’s a method of separation that can be used for different applications.
Speak to us about how wire mesh separators can be used in your business.

How wire mesh separators work

The wire mesh separators provided by Forain work by capturing particles in the wire mesh which then drop naturally due to gravitational pull. The particles are then collected in the lower part of the separator tank and the purified gas continues to flow.

Due to the nature of the separation method, wire mesh separators are normally used for a vertical gas flow. Horizontal use can happen but the drainage of particles at an angle can result in re-entrainment if the process is not carefully monitored. It’s also important to note that this type of separator requires a low gas velocity in order to avoid a reflux of liquid towards the outlet.

Although wire mesh separators perform effectively, they do require the use of large tanks and regular maintenance is vital, if the operation levels are to maintained.

You should take this into consideration if you are considering wire mesh separators as an option for your business.
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