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This type of heaters are designed to heat fluids by direct contact with an electrical resistance, a feature that permitted a small size construction.

Direct electric heaters can be supplied complete with control and safety systems.
They can be supplied for vertical as well as horizontal installation.

Our team of technicians and engineers analyzing in detail the applicable specification is able to suggest and provide the best solution in technical and economic terms.

Direct electric heaters are commonly used in the petrochemical industry and other large industrial processes where the direct heating of fluids is required. In the case of petrochemicals they often need to be maintained at a certain temperature in order to ensure their viscosity.

The design of Forain direct electric heaters is such that they heat the fluids by putting them into direct contact with an electrical resistance. This design means that a small size of construction is possible.

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Using Forain direct electric heaters for your processes

Each direct electric heating solution provided by Forain can be supplied together with control and safety systems.

This means that you can be assured that your direct electric heaters will operate safely and efficiently, even in harsh operating environments. Depending on your operating requirements, we can also provide our heaters in horizontal or vertical format.

We have a team of expert technicians and engineers working for us who can analyse your requirements and specifications and work with you to ensure that you get the most appropriate direct electric heating solution for your business. This means that the direct heater you get will be the most viable option, in terms of efficiency and economic value.

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