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Hot water boiler package is able to give the required gas temperature downstream of the pressure control valves. The superheated water is produced by a pressurized boiler and it is pumped to the heat exchanger, maintaining the requested gas temperature at the outlet connection.  The temperature can be adjusted by the switching on, or the switching off, of the boiler of the burner producing superheated water.

The Hot water boiler package system consists of the following parts:

  • boiler with its local control and management panel
  • heat exchanger
  • water pumps
  • valves, instruments and pipes.

The monitoring of the package parameters is guaranteed by local transmitters and instruments.

Hot water boiler packages you can rely on

Using a hot water boiler package provided by Forain means that you can attain the required gas temperature downstream of the pressure control valves.

The hot water boiler system works by using a pressurised boiler to produce water which is pumped to the heat exchanger. This process enables the gas to be maintained at the required temperature.

The temperature can be adjusted by simply using the controls for the boiler which produces superheated water.
Talk to us about using Forain hot water boiler packages to heat gases in your processes.

Using the Forain hot water boiler system, you have complete peace of mind regarding safety and efficiency. The monitoring of the system is carried out by local transmitters and instruments, so you have control over its operation.

You can ensure that the temperature of the gas is at the right level in order to ensure optimum performance of your processes. This is an important factor from an economic point of view.

Speak to the team of experts at Forain to find out how our hot water boiler packages can be used in your company. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide any advice you may need.

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