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Indirect oil bath heaters are designed to heat gases without the requirement of a high pressure vessel.
The heater is defined indirect because the gas flow in a coil, which is submerged in diathermic oil.

This oil is heated by a combustion chamber equipped with a burner.
Forain indirect oil bath heaters are supplied as a package complete with fuel gas system, control and safety systems either of electric.

The control and safety system, is able to detect all operating failures and to control the unit under every working condition in order to guarantee the correct outlet gas temperature.
This type of heater, unlike the water bath heater, is used in all those cases where it is necessary to reach very high temperatures of the gas.

This product is normally supplied as a complete package in order to simplify installation and can be placed in both safe and classified areas.
For maintenance, Forain provides its assistance & spare parts center with its own technician team.

Indirect oil bath heater can be used if you have a need to heat gases to very high temperature for your processes. This is something that you cannot do using an indirect water bath heater. The use of a Forain indirect oil bath heater means that the heating process can be completed without having a high pressure vessel in place.

During the heating process, the gas travels through a coil which is surrounded by diathermic oil. The oil around the coil is heated to a very high temperature using a combustion chamber which has a burner within it. Speak to our experts about using our oil bath indirect heaters in your company.

What you can expect from Forain indirect oil bath heaters

When you use Forain indirect oil bath heaters, you will find that they are supplied as a total package, along with a fuel gas system and systems required for control and safety.

This means that you are able to detect any issues with the operating of the heater which means that you are guaranteed to have a solution for your business that is safe and efficient to use.
You also have the peace of mind of knowing that the correct outlet gas temperature is maintained at all times.

We will also deal with all of your maintenance concerns. A team of expert technicians is on hand to help and to provide advice about any spare parts which you may need.
Talk to us about a complete indirect oil bath heater solution for your business and we will provide any advice that you need.

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