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Indirect water bath heaters are designed to heat gases without the requirement of a high pressure vessel.

The heater is defined indirect because the gas flow in a coil, which is submerged in an aqueous solution. This solution is heated by a combustion chamber equipped with a burner.

Indirect water bath heaters are supplied as a package complete with fuel gas system, control and safety systems either of electric or pneumatic type.

The control and safety system, is able to detect all operating failures and to control the unit under every working condition in order to guarantee the correct outlet gas temperature.

The application field of this type of heater may be different, but in particular they are used for heating the gas downstream of a reduction line, in order to prevent the formation of hydrates.

Mainly used in the oil and gas industry, indirect water bath heaters are utilised to promote uniform heating. This is opposed to a more direct form of heating which can cause hotspots to occur due to the build-up of carbon on direct fire-tube heaters.

Forain indirect water bath heaters are specifically designed to heat gases without the need for a high pressure vessel to be used.
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What is included with Forain indirect water bath heaters?

The heaters themselves make use of an aqueous solution which is heated by a burner in a combustion chamber. These Forain indirect heaters can be supplied as complete systems.

This includes:
Fuel gas system.
Electric or pneumatic control and safety systems.

The safety of these heaters is paramount, given the environment in which they operate. The safety systems can detect any issues with the system, in all environments, making sure that the outlet gas temperature is as it should be.

In addition to the full package being included with Forain indirect water bath heaters, Forain also provides maintenance assistance and spare parts via our own technical team.

Application of Forain indirect water bath heaters

There are several applications for which Forain indirect water bath heaters can be used including:
Heating of gas at the well head.
Heating fuel gas at sites where power is generated.
Controlling fuel gas dew point.
Heating high pressure hydrocarbon gas streams.

This product is normally supplied as a complete package in order to simplify installation and can be placed in both safe and classified areas.

For maintenance, Forain provides its assistance & spare parts center with its own technician team.

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