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Quick opening closures are engineered to reduce cleaning and maintenance time of pressure vessels to a minimum.
One person with standard wrenches is able to open and close even the largest quick opening closure in total safety, thanks to the Pressure Warning Device supplied together with the QOC, which advise the operator about the pressure inside the equipment.

Forain is capable to design and realize quick opening closure or jaws type in accordance with the ASME code Sez. VIII App. 24, or sector type.

There are several different names that can be applied to quick opening closures such as Quick Actuating Devices and Quick Opening End Closures. Whatever name they are given, all of these devices have the same use; to enable a pressure vessel to be opened as quickly as possible.

There are two main reasons why quick opening is essential.
– To avoid potential safety implications.
– To facilitate easy and fast cleaning and maintenance.

Both of these reasons are important if you want to maintain the safety and smooth running of your processes. The quick opening closures supplied by Forain are expertly designed for optimum efficiency.

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What to expect from Forain quick opening closures

The quick opening closures supplied by Forain can easily be opened and closed by a single person using a standard wrench. Even larger quick opening closures can be operated in this way in complete safety as they are supplied together with a pressure warning device which provides information about the level of pressure inside the equipment.

We are able to provide quick opening closures in accordance with ASME code Sez. VIII App. 24, or sector type.
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